Being an Innsider is a lifestyle. 


There is something that makes us special, our Innsiders, they come from various parts of the world. You are welcome to our residence independently of your nationality. In fact, we love  multiculturalism because it makes our community rich, diverse, interesrting and fun.

We organize weekly events so you can develop your inner Innsider.

These are some of the Innsider that lived in our residences for some years. They narrate some of their experiences to you , our future Innsider. There is something they have in common:

¡This is going to be one of the most important and unforgettable adventure  in your life!

Let us form part of this  experience and we promise to make it unforgettable.




Jade Solis, Spain

Jade tells us that saying goodbye was so difficult for her because of the family she left behind, Mi Casa Inn community.

Natalia and Larissa, Ireland

Natalia and Larrisa say that the best part of being in Madrid was the centric location of   Mi Casa Inn Plaza España and the various activities.

Diana Fedulova, Japan

Diana talks about the joy she felt signing the contract, because  she was happy to form part of our community. 

Olya, Ukraine

For Olya the most important thing was geting to meet her new  big  familiy.

Max Zanispriadiv, Rusia

Max affirms that the best part of being part of  Mi Casa Inn is the  centric location and the friends he made during his stay.

Víctor Serra, Portugal

For Victor the most relevant thing was the freedom he had in the residence. NO schedule when it comes to entering or going out form the residence. Moreover he was happy about the fact of inviting friends to come over without any problem.


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