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Spain is one of the popular places to go for holiday in Europe. Because in Spain there is always SUN! This country has a beautiful history and a wonderful culture. Spain has nice beaches and boulevards. You can eat here the best paella or tapas. And what about a refreshing sangria at the beach? You have a lot of party cities… In this article we show you some nice places to go for THIS EASTER 2017!

1. Mallorca/ El Arenal

One of the best places to go in Spain with friends is Mallorca. A perfect destiny for a summer holiday. Lounge around and sometimes a dive in the sea. The parties are amazing there, you can party the whole night, because all the pubs are in the same street. For the holidaymaker that want more, is El Arenal a good place to go. You can shop in the capital city; it is called ¨the small Barcelona¨. Do we need to say more? You can go on jeep safari. If you have your driver license, you can drive by yourself.

2. Ibiza

Another best place to go in Spain is Ibiza, the party and chill island. Are you going with friends on holiday? Then is this the island perfect for you. In Ibiza you have the best pubs, the popular discotheques and the coziest bars. You can have your dinner at the heaven and after you can go with the taxi to San Antonio, there you have the hottest clubs. Playa d’en Bosse is a recommend! By day you can go to the beach, make a hiking tour, buy your souvenirs on the hippie market or make a jeep safari. Everything is possible in Ibiza!

3. Lloret de Mar

Are you looking for an easter is paradise for young people? You must visit Lloret de Mar with your friends. Lloret de Mar is famous because of the nightlife. This place has more than 400 bars, nightclubs, pubs and discotheques. In combination with the beautiful beach, the best palm boulevards and the sun you can say that you can have 24 hours each day holiday pleasure. You start the night in one of the bars or pubs and end in one of the hottest nightclubs like Colossos or Revolution. During the day you can join one of the beach parties. More than thousand young people are coming to this party place in Spain for easter.

4. Callela

Callela has a beautiful seaside resort and a nice sandy beach, most of the time the weather is nice and you can see the lovely blue beach. You can shop in the center, so you can show your new outfit by night in one of the bars, clubs or discotheques at the bar street. Done with the sea? Then you can go to Aqueworld, a waterpark for a nice and exciting day off. Did you see all the shops in Callela? Then you can go for one or two days to Barcelona.

5. Blanes

Parties in Blanes are amazing! There are a lot of young people that celebrate their holiday in Blanes. No wonder, because Blanes is a good party destiny. Famous bars like Gotcha, Sunset or Crowlies and when you going to party the whole night, you have some big clubs. Some good clubs are Arena, Essencia and Sala Vega! By day you can go to the beaches of Blanes to chill the whole day. Or you can plan a trip to Calella, Malgrat de Mar or Lloret de Mar. of course there are a lot of beach parties and pub crawls. Blanes is in the top 10 of party places to go for holiday.

Hopefully with this tips you can choose which holiday destiny is the best for you and your friends. Book the ticket – buy the bikini – never look back

Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!


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