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Top 5 Must been café’s inn Madrid

Por Birthe Geurts | Dic 13, 2017

Madrid has so many things to do.. so many places to have a drink.. so many places to go for breakfast.. This makes the choice where to go so difficult. And this is the reason why I made this list of the 5 coolest cafés in Madrid, especially for you #innsider!   1. Polineko –…

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Where to buy Christmas presents and decorations inn Madrid?

Por Birthe Geurts | Dic 5, 2017

For many of you it will be the first Christmas away from home. This is a reason to get together and celebrate these festivities as one big Mi Casa Inn family. But to create this feeling we need more.. like presents and decorations! For the #innsiders who don’t know what to buy, here you’ll have…

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Sports inn Madrid

Por Birthe Geurts | Nov 28, 2017

You’re living abroad.. Nobody is telling you what to do.. Okay, except for your university.. But that doesn’t mean that you can relax every day. Time for exercise #innsiders! You won’t have an excuse that you don’t know what to do with this list of options:   Gym Of course, there are A LOT of…

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Saliendo de casa

Por Birthe Geurts | Nov 10, 2017

#Innsiders te dimos una bienvenida como te mereces, porque conocemos el proceso de adaptación que estáis pasando.   MicasaINN te acompaña y por eso te damos algunos tips útiles para perseverar en el objetivo. Primero debemos considerar que nuestras vidas se basan en cuatro aspectos básicos como son: estabilidad económica, relaciones, vivienda y salud.  …

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Cities around Madrid

Por Birthe Geurts | Oct 25, 2017

#Innsider, do you love culture? Always dreaming about going on an adventure and get to learn some more about the Spanish culture outside Madrid? But you have no idea where to go? Then you would love this article with a list of the cities worth visiting around Madrid.     Toledo Until you’ve seen Toledo,…

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Must-sees in Madrid

Por Birthe Geurts | Oct 3, 2017

Whether you’re into gastronomy, music, art, fashion, history, sports or partying, Madrid has it ALL! Welcome to the coolest city in Spain, where you’ll feel like you belong from the first day. From authentic restaurants in the centre, to the biggest fashion shops in Gran Vía or Calle Serrano. Every neighborhood has its own character.…

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Por paraujo2352 | Jul 5, 2017

Spain is one of the popular places to go for holiday in Europe. Because in Spain there is always SUN! This country has a beautiful history and a wonderful culture. Spain has nice beaches and boulevards. You can eat here the best paella or tapas. And what about a refreshing sangria at the beach? You…

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Por paraujo2352 | Abr 18, 2017

Are you looking for apps that makes your life EASIER, #innsider ? Are you the kind of person who get lost everytime when you travel to a new country, who doesn’t like to cook, needs help with your diet, dont speak many languages, needs help with math or other subjects, always losing your phone, or…

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