Do you mean ‘cookinn’?

Hello Innsiders! I’m here again! Hope everything it’s going perfectly!

As I’ve already told you, you all have been living by yourselves at least this year so you’ve probably realized how important is learning about cooking. When I say cooking I mean real dishes. You cannot live eating precooked food your whole entire life! That’s insane and unhealthy!

So here we are trying to do our best to help you have really fun while learning with your friends and a real chef! This probably sounds like we are going to show you how to prepare a super-healthy-broccoli-dish. YAAAAAAY! (irony). That is definitely not what we do in ‘cookinn’ classes!

Even though I have to keep the intrigue and not say anything too clear about the class, some of you have already been there and definitely had a goooood time! So we want to keep it that way and if we can, we wanna improve the amusement while you’re improving your skills!

The best part of organizing all of this activities for you is being able to see that you are having a good time. And it is because of that that we would really love if you guys send us some ideas about what you wish to know how to cook.

In another classes we’ve seen how to prepare our famous Spanish ‘croquetas’ or ‘gazpacho’ or ‘lentejas’ besides so many more plates. And the other day we made five different healthy salads with so many different and original ingredients.

But there are a lot of things else that we can really learn, not necessary Spanish cuisine. We already made homemade sushi and it was delicious! So if you want we can make some good Italian pizza or pasta or even desserts!

Send us an email to and let your chef-side rock it up!

Thank you for being there!

Our best wishes!


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