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The best neighborhoods to live in Madrid

The best places to live in Madrid

Madrid is a city that stands out for its cultural and economic diversity. It’s a city that welcomes everyone that decides to come visit, and that’s why we have the best places to live INN. The capital of Spain is known for the “fiesta”, the good weather and the “tapas”. Many tourists choose Madrid as…

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Things you have to do to rock your exams!

Hey innsiders! How are you doing? The worst part of being an exchange or Erasmus student in Spain is the exams. When you travel to another country, everything you want is to get to know people, hang out, know the city, go to parties, visit the best museums and have the best time you can!…

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The best places to go shopping in Madrid!

Hey innsiders How is the week going? As you already know Madrid is a city of parks, of restaurants, a city of cool places where you can chill or hang around. But we know you so well innsider! We knew you were going to click on this post because Madrid is also a city of…

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The BEST recipes of the cocktailinn class!

Hey Innsiders! How is it going? For the ones who joined us in the cocktailinn class, and for the ones who miss it! I’m here again to bring you the cocktail recipes that our cocktail-man Erre made just for us. This is how we did it but not exactly how he does it. A cocktail-man…

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Typical foods you should eat in Madrid

Hey innsiders! How is everything going? Everybody knows our typical Spanish tortilla, our croquetas, or even our empanadas, but not everybody knows that there are four typical, popular and traditional plates that you can eat in the capital since hundred years.   Spain has so many typical plates in each community and most of the…

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Residencias de estudiantes en Madrid