Things you have to do to rock your exams!

Hey innsiders! How are you doing?

The worst part of being an exchange or Erasmus student in Spain is the exams. When you travel to another country,

everything you want is to get to know people, hang out, know the city, go to parties, visit the best museums and have the best time you can!

But sorry my friend because the exams are part of the deal, and if you make an effort and get over the exams with succes,

the next thing to do is CELEBRATE!

It may sound obvius but I bet that you will do great if you follow this tips from the begginig to the end:

That is the obvius thing. So read, writte, draw or do whatever you want but STUDY. Use your method and your strategys to go through it,

but do it because there is definately the most important thing to do.

Auto evaluate

This part is not as obvius as the other one. Most of the people think that reading and understanding is the only thing to do.

And that may work with some super smart people but the rest of the world need some methods that help them remembering.

So you can make tests or exercises with a clock on the table that make you realize the time you need and the time you use.

Convince yourself and don’t be nervous!

If you did the two tips I told you before everything will be okay!

Control yourself, think positive

Everything it’s going to be fine! If you are calm and quiet you are going to be able to remember things easily.

Take good care of your answers

Wich means two things: sumarize and review.

Write just what they are asking you about and review it after finishing the exam.

Don’t forget that if you have a pretty and nice looking presentation the teacher would be happier while the correction!

Good luck people!

Our best wishes!


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