Leaving your home

Leaving home is a difficult period: Innsiders we gave you a welcome as you deserve, because we know the adaptation process you are going through.

MicasaINN will accompany you on your way out of the house and so we give you some useful tips to pursue your goal. First we must consider that our lives are based on four basic aspects such as: economic stability, relationships, housing and health.

We provide you with a comfortable place to settle down. You have the freedom to be part of our activities to be part of the community and the great family that we are.

Tip 1

Open up to share activities in common rooms of the residences, because by interacting you discover affinities and you can get to know your friends in life.

Tip 2

Mentalise your vision, set your thoughts in the place of the here and now. You are starting a new stage, leave behind the old place where you were! This does not mean that you cannot miss it, but avoid comparing and enjoy your reality.

Tip 3

Walk around your neighborhood, around where you are located you can find parks, gyms, cultural centers, yoga centers. All these options will lead you to share and exchange experiences.

Tip 4

Join groups with common interests, for example dance classes that are held in the city such as the Monday meet&dance to which #micasainn invites you along with Citylifemadrid.

Tip 5

Make excursions around the city or trips, it can be in a larger group but always think it is necessary to be a moment alone to meditate or go for a walk. It allows you to meet new people and socialize without excuses.

Tip 6

When you go to cultural centers or food fairs that usually have a party atmosphere you are exposed to relating to different cultures. Therefore, it is an enriching experience. Each culture has something to teach us and something to take away from us.

When you least expect it you will be adapted and at the end of your cycle in the city or student period. You will miss Madrid and its charm, the family you formed with new friends and chosen ones.

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