Madrid for adrenaline lovers

Do you like action? Do you need a lot of adrenaline in your body? Do you love crazy activities? Read this blog and you will know how to find these activities in Madrid. Madrid for adrenaline lovers

Madrid Snow Zone

If you love skiing, this is the place to be. Madrid Snow Zone is around 25km from the centre of Madrid, but you can get there easily by bus or by car. You have black slopes for the daredevils to show their tricks, but you also have beginner slopes if it’s your first time.

To know more about Madrid Snow Zone click here.

Bungeejumping Madrid

Get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime with Bungee Jumping Madrid. Step over the fence, stand on the edge and…Juuuuuuuump !!! The location of Bungee Jumping Madrid is about 1 hour away by car from the city of Madrid, but the ticket includes a free drive from the place that you stay to the location and back. The bridge “the wish bridge” is the highest in Europe; 45 meters above a river gorge.

Zipline Toledo

If you go and visit Toledo, you must try the zipline trough Toledo. Fly Toledo is located in the heart of the old town of Toledo and offers a spectacular view over the river Taag and the bridge. It only cost €10 and the zipline time is about 20 seconds.

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Paragliding Madrid

Always dreamed of flying? Try it out with OLE OUTDOOR! To do a paragliding Tandem Flight you do not need any training or physical condition. Normally the flights take 15-25 minutes, and the view is really worth the fly.

For all your adventures and outdoor activities surf this website.

Skydive Madrid

Close to Toledo you can find Skydive Madrid, where you can overcome your fears. Floating on the power of the wind is an experience you won’t easily forget. Indoor skydiving is therefore an unforgettable day out! You will experience the ultimate adrenaline kick and as soon as you are out of the tunnel, you want to go skydive again as soon as possible and improve your skills!

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Grab your skateboard and go to one of the skateparks in Madrid. There is always a skatepark nearby. Just Google skatepark Madrid and do some fun tricks. You also have some indoor skateparks in Madrid, like 50Project Indoor. It’s an ideal place for skateboarding indoors and also has an area with sofas to rest and have a drink between sessions. The entrance is around €5. A must do if you like skating.

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