Summer in Spain: Popular Festivals

If Spain is known for anything, apart from its more than envied climate and rich gastronomy, it is for its popular, varied and crazy festivals. Spending a summer in Spain thus becomes an experience you have to do at least once in your life.

Held in coastal or inland villages, in the north or east, with a great tradition or whose interest has been aroused recently, related to fire or water and even some pay tribute to the tomato, there is a festival for whatever and whoever. The fact is that in Spain we like to have a good time and there is always something to celebrate. If you have not yet planned your summer, we suggest this selection of the best Spanish festivals from June to September:

1. La Hoguera de San Juan in Alicante

In Alicante as a starting point and along the entire Spanish coast is celebrated the arrival of summer with the Hogueras de San Juan. Thousands of people go out to the streets to worship the fire, surrounded by music, color, gunpowder and spectacle.

The meeting takes place in the early morning of June 24th on the beach of San Juan, where the first flames announce the beginning of the shortest night of the year. Undoubtedly, a magical night where jumping over the fire, singing and dancing around the bonfire predominate. Levante is undoubtedly the protagonist of this celebration, although really any place in Spain is perfect to celebrate it.


2. San Fermín in Pamplona

July 6-14, summer in Spain: the word “fiesta” is written in capital letters in Pamplona. The Sanfermines arrive, which means that Pamplona is dyed rigorously red and white to give shelter to one of the most internationally known fiestas of our country. When the “chupinazo” bursts out of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the revelry begins and the fun begins. Thousands of people from all over the world flood this city where the running of the bulls, the midday snack, the Giants and Bigheads, the bullfights, the fireworks and the uninterrupted party to the rhythm of the charangas and the peñas are the protagonists. You can’t miss it.

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3. Fiestas de Santiago in Santander

From San Fermín to Santander to celebrate their Big Week. Every year, with more participants and a better atmosphere, the festival of Santiago is celebrated in the capital of Cantabria at the end of July. The chupinazo from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento starts the festivities and from that day on you can enjoy the casetas in the streets, the parade of the “Gigantillas”, many concerts, bullfights, pintxos and an infinity of other plans.

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4. Moros and Cristianos Villajoyosa Alicante

Celebrated for over 250 years and paying tribute to the pirate attack on the city in the 16th century, the town of Villajososa in Alicante stands in honour of its patron saint, Santa Marta.

The summer festivals in Spain, which take place on the beach, are held between 25 and 31 July and there is held a reconstructed authentic battle between Moors and Christians, including a landing. Villajoyosa is full of fun and joy, gastronomic contests, open-air dances, fireworks displays and music concerts are just some of the activities you can enjoy.

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5. El Descenso Internacional del Sella

Continuing the route to the north, the International Descent of the River Sella in Asturias is a compulsory stop, the first weekend in August. The north is very cool. It takes place in Ribadesella, one of the most beautiful and popular villages of the principality, but also in Arriondas from where the competition starts. “Les piragües”, as the locals call it, combines sport and a competitive spirit, and of course, huge quantities of cider and the good atmosphere that characterizes the northerners.

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6. La Feria de Málaga

The August Fair in Malaga is known as the Great Summer Festival in Spain, even more popular than San Fermin and Easter. As you can hear, it is celebrated in the middle of August during 10 consecutive days in the capital, where there is a good atmosphere in the streets and a lot of Cartojal (sweet wine typical of the area). There is also a night fair, located in the outskirts of the city where you will find booths set up as bars until the early hours of the morning.

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7. La Semana Grande Bilbao

Don’t you know who the patron saint of Bilbao is? None other than Marijaia, the lady of the parties. From the Saturday following August 15, the locals and the whole city chant the song that pays tribute to her. The celebration has begun. After the txupinazo in the Plaza Arriaga you have 10 days ahead of you to celebrate the Aste Nagusia, the Big Week of Bilbao. Good atmosphere, traditional music, activities, games, fireworks, concerts, competitions and an essential tour of the Kalimotxo txonas in hand (tents belonging to different groups, also called Comparsas, of the city, all decorated in a very original way.) are some of the plans that await you there. The final touch to the festivities is the burning of Marijaia in the estuary, which will last until next year.

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8. La Tomatina de Buñol

Known by all, it is more of a tourist attraction in our country. The festival is held on the last Wednesday in August in Buñol. What does it consist of? Throwing tomatoes, a pitched battle where being careful will do you little good. More than 150,000 tomatoes are thrown in this Valencian town. By the way, if you go, don’t forget to take some good anti-tomato glasses, you’ll need them.

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9. Cierres Ibiza

If you are looking for parties in the plural and in capital letters, your place is undoubtedly Ibiza. September is one of the best dates to go to the Pitiusa since tourism has dropped considerably and you can enjoy its coves without crowds, and the music of the closing parties. With the Closing Parties Ibiza we say goodbye to the season of parties and discos on the island until next year. Pacha, Space, Ushuaïa, Amnesia, DC-10, Priovilege are keeping the best sessions for this season. If you like to party, it’s a must in your life. Last party in summer in Spain.

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Tell us, are you starting to see your summer more clearly now?


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